Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ghaem Sazan Afra

An overview of the company's activities

Qaem Sazan Company of Afra started its activity in the field of construction projects since 2004, which includes the construction of several residential and office complexes of Afra in different cities of Gilan province and supervision of the implementation of many reconstruction and improvement projects. This group started a new phase of its activity in the form of hoteling (consultation, design, supervision and implementation) of accommodation and tourism places from 2013, and since 2013, by using the expertise and experience of experienced engineers of the province, it has succeeded in obtaining numerous approvals. Technical and engineering from the construction engineering system organization of Gilan province in the field of design, supervision and implementation as well as laboratory engineering services for concrete, soil and building materials.


Engineering Services

Concrete Laboratory

With the aim of focusing on providing specialized concrete laboratory services and in order to increase client satisfaction and continuous improvement of services, Qaem Sazan Afra Company declares its readiness to perform all destructive and non-destructive tests of concrete and prepare a report on the activities performed. These services are provided in order to improve the quality of concrete in various projects and produce special concrete along with tests on fresh and hard concrete. Tests of building materials and providing free advice on concrete mixing plans for the production of watertight concrete and providing solutions to solve problems caused in concrete such as loss of concrete strength, concrete cracking, interruption of concreting and creation of cold seams, concrete water leakage, concrete freezing and others. Problems that are common in concreting projects and can be problematic.

Geotechnical laboratory

This department includes all services of geotechnical studies and identifications, geotechnical seismic improvement of existing structures, design and implementation of stabilization systems for trenches and pits using nailing, anchoring, design and implementation of soil improvement systems using The latest technologies are drilling and injection (jet grouting), micropiles (micropiles), stone columns, deep soil mixing (cement columns), reinforced soil walls, geosynthetics, water seepage control and drainage.