Water and wastewater treatment in Ghamsazan Afra

An overview of the company's activities

The company with the current brand name started a new phase of its work in the field of designing and implementing wastewater treatment systems in 2013 and expanded its activities in this field by building the first septic tank without a strap in the country since 2018. In 2018, by receiving a technical engineering license in the field of water and wastewater treatment as It was recognized as the first company with an official license from the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Gilan Province and a new phase of its unique products, such as the production of absorption trenches with permeable concrete, single-family aerobic purification devices and industrial biological filters with the ability to change the flow to the water and wastewater industry. introduced


Production capacities

Ghaem Sazan Afra Company is a leader in the production of prefabricated concrete tanks of different diameters and heights for use in sewage and surface water transmission lines.

septic tank

Production and implementation of prefabricated concrete septic tanks in different sizes for sanitary wastewater pretreatment processes.

Pervious concrete scavenger

Production and implementation of prefabricated permeable concrete garbage collectors for use in sanitary and industrial treatment plants.


Production and execution of all kinds of prefabricated concrete manholes to create access for utility pipes.

Grease remover and grain remover

Production and implementation of prefabricated concrete grease traps in different sizes for use in restaurant, food court and kitchen wastes.

Biological filter

Production and implementation of prefabricated concrete biological filter in different sizes to complete the advanced purification process.

Traffic jam

Production and implementation of traffic caps with concrete, cast iron and composite valves to make it possible for vehicles to pass over the tanks and install them in the parking area.